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Wantable Accessories May 2016 Review

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I have been receiving Wantable accessory boxes for a few months now. I already loved Wantable accessories because of their stylish jewelry at affordable prices, but I think this is my favorite box I've ever received from them.

Before I show you my new pretties, let me explain how Wantable works. Wantable has two different subscription options: Edits and Collections. The Style Edit and the Fitness Edit operate much like Stitch Fix; you pay a $20 styling fee, and receive a box of five items. Keep and pay for what you love, send back the rest with prepaid shipping. The $20 style fee is granted as credit toward anything you purchase. The Collections operate a little differently. The Accessories Collection and the Makeup Collection are $40. That's it. You pay $40 and they send you a box full of pretty things. The Intimates Collection recently went up in price to $50. If you keep the whole box, then Wantable will grant you $4 in credit, effectively making every box $4 cheaper.
If you don't love everything, the return process is super easy. You can initiate a return right from their website, they will email you a prepaid postage label, tape it on the box and drop it at the post office. You will then be refunded what "your price" was for the items.
All the boxes are curated according to your style profile, which can be updated whenever you like. I usually check out the pictures at the beginning of the survey to see what kinds of things they are offering, then I decide what my "style" will be for that month. Here is what I "Love," "Like," and "Dislike" this month:
Love: Glam, Boho, Clutches/Wallets (they recently started offering these!), Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Scarves, Gold tone, Multi tone.
Like: Classic, Mix n Match, Rings, Watches, Hair accessories, Silver tone
Dislike: Rock 'n Roll, Sunglasses (Wantable says they will never send you something you dislike)

My May 2016 Accessories Collection:

Here is everything I received in my box: a scarf, two necklaces, and an earring set. The total value is $72.00, but remember I only paid $36 since I've been a subscriber. Another great thing about Wantable is that if you see anything you love in this post you can request it using Wantable Stream. Below I've included the name of each item, the retail price, and the price that I will pay to keep them. I've also included the short description that Wantable sends. Usually the description contains styling advice, but not this time.

Rozanna Scarf Grey

"This scarf features a soft grey fabric with colored chevron prints"
Retail: $22.00
Your price: $12.22
This scarf would normally be right up my alley. It's a scarf. It has chevrons. It has pretty colors. These are all things that I'm in love with... but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe because the gray doesn't really say "spring/summer" to me. I'm going to try this scarf with a few outfits and see what I can make of it.

I wanted to see how the scarf would look when paired with a complementary pop of color, so I started off with this mint top by Skies are Blue that I received as a surprise from Golden Tote. I later swapped it out with this coral blouse from Loft. The jeans are also from Loft, and I added my poppy Tieks to complete the ensemble. From close up the tops complement the color in the scarf nicely, but from further away the scarf just looks drab in comparison. To see if the scarf would stand out on its own I paired it with some neutrals. The dress is by Lime and Chili and is also from Golden Totethis chambray is from J. Crew, and the shoes are TOMS I just kept from Trunk Club (check out my review here). While I do think this arrangement is the most flattering for the scarf, it doesn't really provide a pop of color like I like in scarves.
The Verdict: This scarf is very lightweight, and would be great for spring/summer, however it's not very bright and colorful, which is what I would prefer for those seasons. I will be returning this scarf to Wantable.

Ellie Earring Set - Gold

"This set features three different geometric shapes, one with a gorgeous pink stone"
Retail: $16.00
Your Price: $8.89
I love this earring set! The geometric shapes make them really unique. As a math teacher I especially appreciate the equilateral triangles. I included these earrings in both of the outfits below.
The Verdict: These earrings are definite keepers! Bonus: My ears can be sensitive to metals, especially if I wear a pair of earrings for a long time. I wore these outfits to work, including the earrings, and they didn't bother me all day. I also got a lot of compliments on them!

Brenda Necklace - Gold

"This necklace showcases beautiful mint stones"
Retail: $17.00
Your price: $9.44
Subsession Wantable Review Brenda Necklace
The mint stones on this necklace immediately reminded me of these green Just Black jeans I bought from Golden Tote. I wanted to keep my top neutral so the necklace would stand out, so I went with a mix of patterns to keep it interesting. This floral tee is from Loft (past season), and the Market&Spruce cardigan is from Stitch Fix. It has a really interesting twist in the back that I love. To keep the outfit from being too monochromatic I added my new poppy Tieks for a fun pop of color. These also keep my feet nice and comfortable while I'm teaching.
Subsession Wantable Review Brenda Necklace 2
This necklace has a really interesting length. It's long enough to be used as a layering necklace, but because of the patterns I wanted to keep it simple and show off the necklace. I also wore the triangle earrings from the Ellie earring set with this outfit. Here is a close-up!
Subsession Wantable Review Ellie Earring Set Triangles
The Verdict: I love the stones on this necklace. Not only because of the color, but I also really like the cut of the stones and the gold accents. It is also very versatile because it can stand out on its own or play well with others. This necklace is a definite keeper.

Ella Necklace - Gold

"This long necklace features three pastel stones, one with a marble detail"
Retail: $17.00
Your Price: $9.44
This necklace is so pretty! I especially love the tassel at the bottom. It gives me something to fiddle with while I'm teaching. The light pink stone immediately reminded me of a Gilli dress I recently traded for on the Golden Tote Facebook board. Here is the outfit I created:
To complete the outfit I added the chambray button up and my TOMS. These shoes are soooooo comfortable. I never thought a heel this high would be practical for teaching, but they're great! I also added the circular earrings with the pink stone and the semi-circular earrings.
I like the little stud there because it reminds me of a star and the other two are like moons. So cute.
Verdict: This necklace is going to make a great addition to my wardrobe!

Final thoughts:

Even though I'm sending back one thing, I was really happy with this month's collection. Wantable Accessories is a great way to build up your collection of jewelry and other accessories without breaking the bank. If you're interested in giving it a try I would appreciate it if you used my referral link. Have you tried Wantable? What do you think?

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